Creativity Management Key Elements

  • Rosa María Fuchs Ángeles
  • Federico Carlo Franceso Tonetti
Keywords: Creativity, Innovation, organizational culture, organizational life cycle


Organizations are constantly looking towards innovation. In order to reach it they must foment creativity. This paper analyzes a series of elements considered in the organizational creativity management and proposes a model with the indispensable factors that organizations should consider to reach it. These elements are: culture and organizational environment, strategy, structure, communication, relation with customers, human resources (recruiting, training, job design, compensation, promotion, and performance evaluation), long term orientation and the organizational life cycle. Having the analysis of those elements as a basis, the indispensable pillars on management creativity are identified. The proposed model is based on 5 pillars: the alignment between strategic, culture and organizational structure, called by the authors 'Holy Trinity'; intern publicity; customer’s voice; recognition and a look towards future. Finally, the case of an innovative Peruvian enterprise is presented from the model’s perspective and the study conclusions.


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Fuchs Ángeles, R. M., & Franceso Tonetti, F. C. (1). Creativity Management Key Elements. Journal of Business, Universidad Del Pacífico (Lima, Peru), 1(1), 48-62.