Influence of country brand slogan and logo in country positioning

  • Gina Pipoli de Azambuja
Keywords: Country Image, Country Brand, Slogan, Logo


To build the image of a country minds consumers’ minds, countries apply marketing strategies that are based on their country brand development, in the same way that companies apply marketing to their products and services. The development of the logo and slogan to be used in the communication strategy, are two key elements of its success in the process of building the country brand (Keller 2008). Thus the objective of this research is to know the importance of using the logo and slogan in international marketing strategies of countries. To do this, this research analyzes the use of the logo and slogan, in country brand strategies of countries in the top places in the Country Brand Index (2009) of Future Brand.


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Pipoli de Azambuja, G. (1). Influence of country brand slogan and logo in country positioning. Journal of Business, Universidad Del Pacífico (Lima, Peru), 2(2), 98-115.